Why Choose a Design-Build Remodeler? 

Custom showrooms and big box stores can be a great source of inspiration for home projects. But, for example, how do you take the perfectly manicured look of a showroom kitchen and turn it into your kitchen? In this Do-It-Yourself and “Reality-Remodeling” era, homeowners are empowered by the possibility of being able to transform their homes not only without the help of a professional contractor, but also in the time that it takes to order a pizza.

Although, we read and watch about DIY success stories every day, there is a far greater number of disaster stories out there. Imagine getting halfway into a new kitchen project and realizing your new cabinets don’t fit. Or, what happens when you discover that you need to move a gas line to install that new pro-style range? Moving gas means plumbing, which is probably more than you signed up for. So what do you do BEFORE buying a bunch of materials from a showroom and realizing that you’re in way over your head?

Don’t Panic – Consult a Professional Design Build Remodeler

Some home improvement centers will cover basic installations. However, what is not covered by home improvement centers, or even many boutique showrooms, is customized renovations and solutions: such as moving walls, comprehensive storage, updating plumbing, or overall redesign of space, function and lighting. These types of home improvements require specialized planning, skills, and must also be to code. Before you find yourself in the predicament of having decided on materials and layouts that simply don’t work, consult a design build remodeler!

The Process Begins BEFORE Construction

A design build remodeler is much more than an installation expert, they’re designers, construction experts and in some cases, crisis managers. During an initial site meeting, you can discuss your wish list, project goals and potential challenges with a professional remodeler.

Once you reach the design-phase agreement, your design build remodeler will help answer the question, – is this project realistic? Don’t be discouraged if your original plan needs to be revised several times: Now is the time to resolve any foreseeable issues. In addition, your remodeler will produce designs, comprehensive pricing, and a summary of work. This gives you, the client a sense of security and understanding moving forward.

Finalize and Agree

Never jump into a project without confidence. Leading up to the construction and once you have finalized your plans, the design build firm will guide you through the process of selecting materials. Don’t cut corners: Using a professional may be a little bit more expensive than picking out your own materials or hiring Mr. Fix-It, but the construction expert is fully equipped to handle all unforeseen obstacles. Once primary materials are selected, your remodeler will also finalize the construction plans and acquire building permits, relieving you of this hassle.

Time to Build

Notice all the steps to be taken before construction can begin? A common error made is rushing to finish as quickly as possible without considering project realities and the fact that the project results should last for decades. Before breaking ground, your professional design build remodeler will produce a final materials list, descriptions of work, and construction plans. Once a complete pre-construction checklist is complete, it’s time to begin working to build your dream project!