Cooking and Living: Create a Healthy Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel

By Keith Vaughan Usability and functionality! In addition to solid, attractive cabinetry, performance appliances, stone counters, and customized finishes, usability and functionality are what you definitely need when planning a kitchen remodel. If the kitchen does not flow properly – and remodeled according to your lifestyle and food prep style – you may find yourself […]

Why Choose a Design-Build Remodeler? 

Custom showrooms and big box stores can be a great source of inspiration for home projects. But, for example, how do you take the perfectly manicured look of a showroom kitchen and turn it into your kitchen? In this Do-It-Yourself and “Reality-Remodeling” era, homeowners are empowered by the possibility of being able to transform their […]

Creating a Functional Home Kitchen for Cooking

Functionality and usability – in addition to beautiful cabinetry, performance appliances, and customized finishes – are what you need in your kitchen. If your kitchen is not laid out and remodeled according to your lifestyle and food preparation needs, you may find yourself avoiding it all together, even after a significant remodel. A kitchen must […]