Historic Revival & Upgrade

Project Overview

The goal of this unique project was to refurbish the front facade of a historic landmark row home in Northwest Washington, DC, and to restore it to its historical accuracy. The existing elements of the facade were in poor shape and had been modified so much that they no longer embodied the historic aesthetic of the home. Our clients took great pride in the historic status of their home and wanted to restore the facade to it’s original appearance of when it was built in 1881. The existing windows were not original to the home and had been installed in the 1980s and not historically compliant. Our clients wanted to install modern quality windows for better use and energy savings but that were accurate to the 1881 home — pictures of the home were used to replicate its original construction. Masonry, wood frames and trim all had to be repaired or refurbished to complete the installation of nine windows, two doors, and other exterior elements. The historic character of the home was restored to the condition it deserved.