Cutting-Edge Athlete’s Gym

Project Overview

This state of the art gym was meticulously designed to meet the needs of these serious athletes! A passion project from the start, our clients wanted to transform a dark corner room in their basement into a cutting-edge gym. Enter and exit this light-illed gym in style with these sleek and modern French doors. We installed an expansive wall of mirrors to allow these homeowners to perfect their technique and fine-tune movements during their extensive workouts. Step on the high-quality wood floors, chosen for its durability and shock absorption, these engineered hardwoods are a firm and stable surface for any workout or heavy lifting. The floor’s light color adds warmth and elegance to the overall aesthetic of the gym. A strategically placed structural beam in the ceiling allows for the integration of suspicion trainers, rings and other functional training accessories. Recessed lighting and a wall mounted TV provide ambiance for long workout sessions. For this gym, we fulfilled the client’s desire to create an environment that empowers and inspires them to maximize their performance and take their athletic journey to new heights. These clients were ready to elevate their exercise regime and redefine what is possible in a dynamic and exceptional training space.