Beautiful Screened-In Sunroom

Project Overview

Welcome to your dream outdoor retreat—this screened-in sunroom is designed to embrace the beauty of nature while providing a serene space for reading and relaxation. With careful planning and thoughtful design, we created an inviting haven where these homeowners can escape the daily hustle and immerse themselves in a personal sanctuary. The homeowners desired a space that would flow seamlessly with their existing home.  Our design involved laying a new foundation for the sunroom off of the home’s kitchen and dining room. The foundation also includes a portion that is cantilevered for an additional deck and grilling area. Inside the sunroom, the homeowners chose a natural stone slate floor that is both durable and will stand up to the elements, while providing a seamless transition from under roof to the outside deck area. The vaulted ceilings painted a robin’s egg blue, enhances the tranquil vibe of the living and dining areas. For lighting, we installed recessed lights and a skylight to bring the natural light in from above. Other key features include a modern ceiling fan, additional electric outlets, and custom railings on the deck. Building a screened-in sunroom is an exciting project that will enhance your lifestyle and bring you closer to nature while adding valuable square footage to your existing home.