Small Addition Delivers Big Results

Oak Street home addition viewing outside through the new metal metal gate

Our company undertook the comprehensive design and construction of a small 3-story addition, starting from the ground up. A strong emphasis was placed on ensuring structural integrity with a new foundation for the addition. On the main floor, our team fulfilled the client’s desire for an improved interior flow between the kitchen and dining rooms […]

Finest Outdoor Living & Dining

A Pacific Northwest-inspired outdoor living and dining room makes this the perfect entertaining space nearly year-round! This gazebo structure features a cedar-wrapped and trimmed hip roof, infrared heaters, 4K television, stylish overhead light fixtures, and a custom hand-made wine barrel sink adding to the chic and rustic feel of the space. The boardwalk-style path across […]

Beautiful Screened-In Sunroom

Welcome to your dream outdoor retreat—this screened-in sunroom is designed to embrace the beauty of nature while providing a serene space for reading and relaxation. With careful planning and thoughtful design, we created an inviting haven where these homeowners can escape the daily hustle and immerse themselves in a personal sanctuary. The homeowners desired a space […]

Backyard Makeover for Endless Family Fun

overview of outdoor living remodel

If you’re looking to create a backyard oasis that both you and your kids will love, this makeover features a beautiful paver patio, new deck, and turf “field of dreams.” The foundation of this outdoor living area is a gorgeous stone paver patio. The chevron pattern provides a visually appealing space for adult lounging, dining and entertaining. A […]

Gorgeous Sunroom & Patio Remodel

This sunroom home addition and outdoor living remodel was the inviting backyard retreat this client was hoping for. Designed with simplicity in mind, the screened in sunroom added square footage to the home an is the perfect gateway to the outdoor patio and lounging area. This lovely stone fireplace and wall is nestled among the […]