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Green Building

Green building, also known as sustainable, environmental, or energy-efficient building, encompasses many facets of design, construction, and materials. Many practices that were considered "green" only a decade ago are now part of our building codes for new construction, additions, and even retrofits.

Spectrum follows these principles and practices on every project:

  • We deconstruct, donate, repurpose, and recycle.
  • We don't "Just Demo It" - we donate and repurpose all usable building materials including kitchen cabinets, appliances, millwork, plumbing, windows, doors, and other architectural products. Most of this goes to Community Forklift, but we've also donated to A Wider Circle.
  • We've even had a friend pick up one of our removed kitchens and install it in his house. Ten years later, it is still there! (Now, that is Green!)
  • Whenever possible, we use Sun Services for full-service recycling of our construction debris.
  • We use high-efficiency mechanicals, proper insulation, air sealing, and make sure that windows, doors, and other openings are properly gasketed - or replaced if necessary.
  • We partner with certified or environmentally-friendly companies, like Wellborn Cabinets, which generates 20% of its facility energy from its own wood scraps and sawdust.
  • We use no-VOC and low-VOC paints and coatings, and we use non-off gassing insulation and drywall.
  • And of course, we recycle everything we can in our office.

While LEED, HERS, and other ratings are achievable, we recognize that they come with a price tag. Our practices have been designed to make an impact, as well as expand and complement the classical building concerns for economy, utility, durability and comfort. When you build correctly and with products that are known to last, then future maintenance and energy use will be significantly reduced. It is our opinion that the "greenest' products and homes are the ones that don't have to be replaced.


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