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The Spectrum Advantage: Design+Build Process

Choosing the right remodeler these days can be as challenging as the project itself. "Who can give me the best deal?" "Does Company X have experience building kitchen additions or remodeling basements?" "And what about all the other stuff like permits, insurance, and compliance?" These are all valid questions, but perhaps the most important question - one you should be asking when choosing to renovate is - "Will the remodeler be able to guide me through all the phases of the process, including design?" 

Initial Site Meeting

Spectrum Design + Build is more than just a contractor; we're experts who can answer your questions and guide you through the process from initial ideas, all the way to the very last nail. During our initial site meeting, we'll sit down with you and discuss your wish list, possible challenges, and collaborate on design ideas that suit your needs.

Feasibility Phase

During this portion of the process, we determine whether your project design is 1) realistic given the current systems and structure and 2) compliant with zoning, regulations, and building codes. Avoid the headache of having to deal with your city or county to pull permits. We'll take care of that.

In addition, it is our responsibility to produce designs, generate a sales price bracket, and discuss a summary of work. By doing so, this gives you an idea of costs, our process, and what you should expect along the way. Laying out the details at the beginning also creates a level of trust between the remodeler and you, the customer. If you're not happy, neither are we, so we'll make it our goal to ensure your satisfaction long before breaking ground.

Final Design & Project Planning Phase 

Now you have your design mapped out. This is the final pre-construction check-up. Working towards a construction agreement and permit acquisition, in this phase, we finalize structural, site, and zoning plans and make primary selections for materials. This portion of our full-service program allows you to look at final designs, make decisions on materials, and raise and remaining questions or concerns you might have. We pride ourselves in our detail-oriented and transparent planning process - design + build is a collaborative process between homeowner and builder.

Permits Acquired, Mobilization & Construction Phase 

Now onto the most exciting phase of the project: Starting your home remodel! We'll sit down with you and go over the final description of work and construction documents. This is the time to finalize selections and make any crucial changes - no one wants to come home to see their newly-installed countertops in the wrong color!

Additionally, other equally important - albeit less glamorous - aspects of the project administration such as insurance, EPA compliance, notifying your neighbors of construction, and permit acquisition are handled by Spectrum during this phase. Sit back and let us handle the paperwork and necessary documentation - we'll make sure these aspects are in order!

Customer service and communication are key ingredients to a successful project. Some describe design + build as the answer to a homeowner's or business owner's prayer. Others describe it as a savings of time and money. Spectrum describes it as "plain common sense."


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