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7 Easy Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Cooking Experience Without Remodeling

Cooking meals is a constant part of our everyday lives - and it should be enjoyable and not just another chore. So, while you're whipping up your next stir fry, batch of pancakes, sausage and peppers, pot roast, or sweet potato fries, your might consider these 7 easy things you can add to your kitchen to dramatically improve your cooking experience.

Spice Racks, especially Magnetic!

Spices make food taste better - and they are good for you. Racks with magnet holders mount to your wall for quick and easy access; this easy to use tool will save you time and prevent you from digging through the pantry in a search for the right spice.

Knife Racks, or Blocks

Whether you're filleting the perfect cut of steak or slicing up fruit for your famous fruit salad, you need the right knife for the job. Knife racks allow you to easily grab the right knife plus, many knife racks are dishwasher safe so you never have to worry about a buildup of dirt and grime. (They also make magnetic one's that can mount on your wall.)

Wine Storage Tree

Inviting friends and family over for dinner parties: they are bound to bring not only themselves and their kids but also their bottles of wine. You need someplace to store all that goodness. The Wine Storage Tree helps you stack those wine bottles for easy access for cooking and post-dinner drinks.

Butcher Block Rolling Island

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned butcher block. Even in the largest of kitchens, we're always running out of counter space struggling to make all those delicious family recipes. A Butcher Block Island gives you an extra few feet of countertop space plus storage space underneath, making cooking that much easier.

Food Container Systems

Everybody loves leftovers, but what isn't so pleasant is trying to find the right lid to the right container to store them in! Try food container systems that are made of glass or BPA-Free plastics for safe and efficient storage.

Drawer Dividers

Who couldn't use an extra spot for utensils and cups when family comes to town? With a house full of people, you have to break out the extra cutlery. A drawer divider makes it so much easier to organize your tools for when you need them.

Pot Racks

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the right pot when you need it the most. Cooking requires every type of pot available, and this pot rack organizes them for you so never have to waste time hunting down the right pot.

You now have a ton of ideas and tools to choose from to create a more pleasant cooking experience. Best wishes to you and your family for the New Year!


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