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Take A Bite Out of Summer

by Dan Gardner

We seem to have gotten more calls this past Spring and Summer than in years past from client´s asking us to screen-in decks and porches to create mosquito-free outdoor spaces for their families to enjoy. We are happy to come out to look at ways that we might do the same for you. But in the meantime, we are passing along a few reminders about ways to prevent mosquitos from ruining your outdoor enjoyment.

1. Standing water is your enemy when it comes to mosquito abatement. Just a small volume of water, especially in a sheltered location -- can create fertile breeding for thousands of mosquitos. So be sure to check all of the obvious and hidden away possibilities.

Are your gutters clear? Is the wheelbarrow out back turned over so as not to contain that last rainfall? Is the hose fitting not secure and leaking? A new one -- or even just a washer -- might do the trick.

Also crawl under front and back stoops and crawlspaces for signs of standing water.

2. We're FAN-addicts. Maybe you are too? If your porch is wired for an overhead light consider switching that out to a ceiling fan -- the circulating air will dilute the CO from human breath that attracts insects and will keep you cooler, to boot.

3. There are plenty of zappers and sprays and chemicals out there. For a greener touch, be sure to consider using plants in the garden and in containers that have natural repellent qualities. There are many -- lemon balm, lavender, catnip, basil, and lemon thyme are just a few. Just crushing a few leaves in your hands -- or gently rubbing them on the skin -- could deter those biting critters.


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