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Design Build FAQs

by Spectrum Design+Build

What areas do you serve?

Spectrum proudly serves the D. C. metro area. Our work can be seen in Washington DC, NW neighborhoods such as Petworth, Capitol Hill and Dupont, as well as cities in Montgomery County, Maryland like Bethesda, Silver Spring and Rockville.

What types of projects do you handle?

Spectrum Design+Build handles a wide variety of home remodeling projects. Our design solutions range from bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels and basement renovations, to large-scale additions and whole house remodels. If you have a remodeling project that requires an experienced contractor, we can do it.

How soon can you begin my project?

Typically, we prefer a minimum of 30-60 days to discuss and formalize a project plan before we begin construction. We like time to get to know our potential clients and to make sure we properly vet project requirements before starting. There are no surprises when it comes to your home remodel: We are upfront about all costs before starting. For a better idea as to when we can start your home remodeling project, give us a call.

How does this process start?

Our process is simple: Homeowners want their home remodeling project to go smoothly without any major issues and so do we. That's why we make it a priority to be on the same page as you are from day one. During the initial site meeting, we'll discuss your wish list and long term visions for your home. From there, we'll move onto the feasibility phase to determine where your wish list falls within your budget. During this process, we'll make the necessary adjustments to make sure we can attain your needs with the most cost efficient solutions. We then go over the final design and project plan before starting construction.

What about zoning compliance? Can you assist with that?

Spectrum is a one stop shop for your remodeling needs. Every project must be compliant under local laws and regulations and be licensed. We'll take care of the headache of zoning so you don't have to.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Spectrum Design+Build is insured and licensed by the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia governments as well as recognized as an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm. We also provide a three-year warranty on ALL the workmanship involved with your project.

Do you bid on work?

We do not bid on projects. We provide an assessment of all work prior to a project before we start. Our philosophy is to be transparent of expectations before we start construction so that you know the commitment involved with your project from day one.

I have three different estimates...why do prices vary so much?

There are a number of reasons for different estimates. Between three knowledgeable contractors, the prices shouldn't vary drastically, but you should be sure that every estimate has the same scope of work. If the scope of the project is vague or inconclusive - meaning they don't spell out what work is going to be done - go back to the contractor for clarification in writing. If you are unable to get adequate written clarification, it may be wise to eliminate that remodeling contractor from the process. Remember, a good remodeler will produce designs, comprehensive pricing and a summary of work prior to breaking ground.

Can I choose the materials for my project?

Of course, that's part of the fun! We will walk you through the materials needed for the project and provide you options per your existing structure, space and budget. Don't fear if you don't know the materials that you want or need. Part of the experience with Spectrum Design+Build is the collaborative effort of working with you directly to find the right materials.

How much will my project cost?

A number of varying factors go into the cost of a home project such as materials, size of project and the amount of time a project will take. In order to provide a complete assessment, contact Spectrum Design+Build today and we'll setup an initial consultation for your home remodeling needs.

What type of return on investment can I expect from my home project?

Great question! In general, a home renovation is an excellent way to add value and we will share our expert opinion of the value of the project before we begin construction. A part of our feasibility process is to itemize project costs and to achieve the best possible return on your home remodeling investment.

What questions should I ask my design build remodeler?

You should never be faulted for asking too many questions. Good questions to ask during the initial design process: How long will this project take?  Or, What is the expected cost?  Regarding materials, Which are the most durable?  Or, Which have the best resale value? These are just a few of the many examples that we hear from our clients. We encourage questions, no matter how many, since it helps us build out the scope of the project and can address any of your needs prior to starting construction. If you have any questions, give us a call.


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